NOTWITHSTANDING - Hand Dyed Silk Yarn - 100% Silk Boucle

NOTWITHSTANDING - Hand Dyed Silk Yarn - 100% Silk Boucle


If you crochet, knit or weave, NEAL HOWARD'S hand dyed silk yarns are a treasure found. Her rich, subtly toned color waves will make the most of your creative endeavors.

NOTWITHSTANDING is 100% Silk Boucle. This yarn is lightweight. It is suitable for crocheting, knitting and weaving, and is often used to create an open, lacy and feminine feel. The touchability factor is high! This is the perfect yarn for all-year-round scarves.

  • There is a generous 3.5 oz, 275 yards in a skein. One skein will easily make a scarf.
  • NOTWITHSTANDING is DK, 5-6 st/in, #6, 14 WPI
  • Each skein comes with a free knitted scarf pattern.
  • Each skein is hand dyed. That means the color will be rich and beautiful. It also means that there are variations in the color from skein to skein. THIS IS TO BE EXPECTED. The unique variations are part of what makes this hand crafted product so special.
  • YARN CARE: Hand Wash. Luke Warm. Do Not Wring. Lay Flat.

Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Thank You!

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